Thank you Niagara Falls!


I’m happy to endorse Ruth Ann Nieuwesteeg for city council, she is a great community person, extremely hard working and very dedicated to the well being and future of Niagara Falls, I believe she would be a great addition to our outstanding team here in Niagara

-Joe Miszk, Betty’s Restaurant


I am pleased to support Ruth-Ann Nieuwesteeg. Her hard work, dedication, kindness and integrity would make her an asset at City Council. She has a long record of involvement and contribution to our community. We need strong members of council who will speak up for what is right. I know that Ruth Ann will continue to go above and beyond to get things done while focusing on the betterment of Niagara Falls.
-Arlene Nicholson


Ruth Ann and I have been great friends for decades. She is someone I have always been glad to have in my corner.
-Cyndee Iamarino


I’ve been privileged to know RuthAnn for several years and have witnessed her tireless efforts and dedication in all she does. She has a strong sense of community and is certainly not afraid to make tough decisions!!! She will be a breath of fresh air and an asset to our city!!!!
-Wayne Bendo


I have known Ruth Ann for many years. She has always been thorough, fair, honest, has integrity, always willing to listen and most of all she is a person that knows how to serve others in her business, public and personal life. Ruth Ann is someone who will represent us with honour and the right intentions.
-Peter Dychter


Ruth-Ann gets my vote because I respect her commitment to our community. I also appreciate the compassion she has for the families she cares for in her business.
-Carrie Zaffetis


Ruth Ann has always worked for and with the people because she truly cares. Let her continue to work for you!
-Jody Yeager


I have known Ruthann for 20 years. She is widely respected in the business community and a tireless supporter of community projects. She loves the city of Niagara Falls. She has many great leadership qualities and would make a fabulous City Councillor.

-Theresa Vaccaro, Niagara Health Employee


Ruth-ann has always been an asset to the Niagara Falls Community. Her honesty and integrity defines who she is!!!
-Kim Hutchings, RN


I have known Ruth-Ann for over 10 years in many different capacities and have known her to be a kind, compassionate woman with very strong morals and work ethic. She is extremely intelligent and a great problem solver.

-Rose Gallo


I have known Ruth-Ann for over 40 years. She is intelligent, hard working, passionate and caring. She is a natural leader, and we are truly fortunate to have her as a representative.

-John N. Olmstead, Chartered Professional Accountant


I have known Ruth-Ann for over 40 years, and I am supremely confident that she is an excellent candidate for City Council. She is one of the most hard-working, compassionate, and intelligent people that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Her commitment to helping her families in their most vulnerable time is above reproach. I trust her implicitly and can say unequivocally that she will listen to your issues, serve diligently and, as her strong work ethic dictates, will always have at heart the best interest of the people of Niagara Falls.

-Christine Stinson, HCT Administrative Director


I have known Ruth-Ann for years and worked with her on the redevelopment plans for Historic Drummondville. She listens, researches the issue, and moves forward on a plan to achieve the goal. There are certain community matters that are complicated and take time, money, and a community commitment but together we work together to make it happen.
– Wendy Canavan


Over my 50-year career as a freelance graphic artist, I have worked with, and for, many diverse clients in varying businesses. This long list of employers gives me a clear awareness regarding the value of electing Ruth-Ann Nieuwesteeg to Niagara Falls City Council.
Having worked with Ruth-Ann on several different projects, I find her ability to focus, to listen, and comprehend tasks at hand, beyond admirable. She grasps big concepts quickly and interprets how to resolve those facets with clarity and calm. Her background of respect and compassion will be a definite asset to a new council. Ruth-Ann’s CV is not only extensive; but is the background and maturity needed to benefit our city.
Yes, I am voting Ruth-Ann Nieuwesteeg for Niagara Falls City Council with enthusiasm. I am thrilled that she wants this job and has committed to directing our city. She has the experience and the strong voice to do it effectively.
-Joan Crawford


Not very many people have the record of commitment to the community that Ruth-Ann has. I also know that she’s very good at asking questions to get all sides of a story and then coming up with the right solution to a problem. She will bring her work ethic, experience, integrity, savvy, and business acumen to City Hall. A strong voice and a strong choice for city council.
-Bart Maves


Compassionate. Smart. Committed to our city. A great choice for city council.
-Mac Stockton


I’ve admired Ruth-Ann for years. She’s a great contributor to our community and would be a fantastic addition to our city council.
-Joe Dicosimo


Long before the municipal election was upon us, if someone had asked me if I could think of one person who would be a great new city councillor, I would have immediately said Ruth-Ann Nieuwesteeg. She’s got everything it takes to be an asset to council, leadership, board and business experience, financial sense, compassion, and integrity.
-Charlene Minor


I have known Ruth-Ann for over 40 years and in that time, she has always impressed me with her steadfast dedication to achieving goals which benefit the community at large. I am quite confident, that she will become a strong voice for all citizens at municipal council providing stellar leadership to meet the challenges of the next decade.

-John Pinter
Niagara Historic Inns


For 25 years Ruth-Ann Nieuwesteeg has been helping people in their most vulnerable moments. She is compassionate, smart, kind, effective and cares deeply about each person that she works with. Ruth Ann is a lifelong volunteer and successful businesswoman and has worked tirelessly to make our community stronger. Her steady determination, kindness, and concern for the common good will make a big difference in our lives. I am proud to offer my support to Ruth-Ann for Niagara Falls City Council.

-Lise Danecker, Physiotherapist, Owner Stamford Physiotherapy


Ruth-Ann Nieuwesteeg is a hard-working professional who is empathetic, honest and kind. She is invested in our city’s continued growth and success. Ruth-Ann goes above and beyond in her profession, and I know she will do the same on Niagara Falls city council.

– Christine Rotundo, Educator Niagara Catholic


Ruth-Ann is the most qualified person to run for City council in years. As a businesswoman, Ruth Ann has sat on numerous boards. In all she does, Ruth Ann exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Ruth Ann will use those qualities to create a better Niagara Falls. Vote for her this election.

-Delphina Pietrangelo


I have had ample opportunities in the past few weeks to analyze the aims and objectives of the various competitors in the upcoming elections. Your honest and pragmatic approach sets you apart from the other candidates. You have shown great concern for the residents of the community and have proven this many times in your business and personal life. Having a community leader, who has worked with that community, and helped guide them through difficult times, is a unique qualification that sets you apart.
-Rick Tisi


I am delighted and honored to be endorsing Ruth-Ann Nieuwesteeg for City Council because I know Ruth-Ann will be an exceptional advocate for Niagara Falls families. I have known Ruth-Ann for 46 years and I have never met a more dedicated and focused successful business leader. As Niagara Falls works to build safer, healthier communities, housing affordability, support pro-jobs policies, and promote strong family values, I know that Ruth-Ann will carry those torches on the Niagara City Council. And as we face new challenges, Ruthann will work to find real solutions. Niagara Falls deserves a dependable, fiscally responsible, accountable, trustworthy Council member. Ruth-Ann Nieuwesteeg is that person.
– Vera (Budisavljevic) Mclurg


I consider Ruth-Ann to be an intelligent businessperson and a trustworthy friend. She is equipped with genuine compassion that she has gained from working firsthand with families in her family business, Patterson Funeral Home. She is well respected in the world of business and is someone I have turned to for advice before making key business decisions. Additionally, I believe her lifelong residency and involvement in Niagara communities provides her with niche perspective pertaining to the needs of our community.
-Paul Bongers, President, Country Basket Garden Centre


Ruth-Ann is 100% capable of doing a great job for City Council! She understands teamwork. The people of Niagara do not need any more “talkers”, they need “do-ers”. Ruth-Ann is a “do-er”. She is committed to doing her best and she gets the job done!

-Lillian Morabito